An Introduction

First and foremost, this website is written from one neopagan’s perspective. It features some of the ideas and philosophies of earth-centered religion, but it is by no means a perfect or exhaustive example. This is not the only way of being a neopagan and it asserts no authority over the religious movement of modern paganism. If you find yourself unable to agree with the ideas presented here, you are welcome to a civil debate, or to simply find another source that more closely matches your spiritual path.

Secondly, there is a strong possibility the posts here will appeal only to folks living in Florida and, by extension, those interested in establishing connections with the spirits of the Land where they live. Consider the approaches expressed here only one possibility, an inspiration. You are invited to share the different ways these types of connections may be made and nourished! There is a great wealth of inspiration and knowledge in the human religious experience that may serve to deepen our relationships to the Lands we live in.

Thirdly, and finally, there is most certainly Spirits/Ladies of the Land beyond Florida. Through personal experiences during travel abroad and in close readings of mythology, it is easy to encounter the God/dess in Texas, the Great Mississippi, the New Mexico deserts, the California Mountain Ranges and valleys, and in other countries such as Greece and southern Turkey (formerly Anatolia). To establish your connection, it is usually wise to do research into local geology/ecology and the mythology of the original inhabitants. Be forewarned, many Spirits of the Sacred Land still hold a connection with surviving nations and ethnic groups. Always be mindful of appropriation!

Florida was depopulated and repopulated through the upheavals of colonial genocide. This is not unique in North America, otherwise known as Turtle Island. The modern tribal nations of the Miccosukee and Seminoles no doubt have a rich and powerful connection to the land that was their refuge during the Seminole Wars of the 1800s. It isĀ their land, first. Just as it is the land of alligator, heron, manatee, and many other native species. This type of work might just inspire a renewed commitment to environmental and social justice in regards to the native people of the Land.

When we speak with Lady Florida, or any other Spirits of the Land, we are connecting with a geophysical, ecological, and spiritual entity that is the basis of our daily lives and survival. By this simple truth, they gain a primary and paramount position in our spiritual practice, though never an exclusive one. Diversity and sharing are key features of every Land.